Transaction Security

Transaction Security

Transaction Security

Transaction Security

Secure transactions are increasingly becoming a necessary part of our everyday lives. Everyone has at some point utilized a secure transaction system. Some some companies processes thousands of secure transactions a day. However, no computer system can be assumed to be completely secure.

  •     Accept payments and process transactions securely from web and mobile browsers or devices
  •     Conduct business without payment or confidential data entering your system

 Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and end-to-end encryption(E2E) are security solutions that instantaneously encrypt confidential data at the start and point of the transaction to prevent hacking and fraud. It is designed to maximize the security of transactions in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

  •     Accept payments or transactions securely in a customer-present environment
  •     Reduce confidential data in your environment
  •     Deploy with payment terminals or mobile point-of-sale readers

Transaction Tokenization

  •     Avoid storing confidential transaction data in your environment
  •     Retain your current systems and processor connections, and add without disruption of service
  •     Use a single token across channels to help enhance customer experience

Secure Transaction Applications

  • Payment Systems
  • E- Voting Systems
  • Mass Transit Systems
  • IoT Transactions
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Electronic Prescriptions
Transaction Security

Transactions Security