Mobile Security

Security for Mobile

Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Add value for your mobile customers and end users with security and NFC,  which will differentiate you from your competitors and help you reach specific markets e.g. enterprise segment.

Mobile Security Threats

Attacks based on communication
  • Attack based on SMS and MMS
  • Attacks based on communication networks
  • Attacks based on the GSM networks
  • Attacks based on Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth-based attacks
  • NFC attacks
Attacks based on vulnerabilities in software applications
Malicious software (malware)

The three phases of malware attacks are:

  • Infection – Viruses and trojans
  • Accomplishment of its goal – Ransomware, Spyware
  • Spread to other systems – Portability of malware across platforms


  • Security in operating systems
  • Security software
  • Android (and Mobile) Security
  • Security for iOS Apps
  • Resource monitoring in the smartphone
  • Network surveillance
  • Manufacturer surveillance
  • User awareness
  • Centralized storage of text messages
  • Next Generation of mobile security

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