As one of the leaders in digital security, our solutions range from payment to enterprise security and the internet of things.


Authenticating people, transactions and objects, encrypting data and creating value for our clients to deliver secure digital services.


Consultancy on Digital Security and Identity Authentication for the Financial and Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Mobile and Payment, Electronics, and Software Industries.


Managed outsourcing services for embedded, mobile and web software development. Electronics design and prototype production in small to medium production series


Embedded Security

Build secure products, while meeting industry compliance: PCI, Common Criteria, FIPS/NIST, EMV, ISO/IEC-27001, and others.

Multi-Factor and BiometricAUTHENTICATION

Identity Authentication

Provide multi-factor authentication solutions to implement secure identification and payment applications.


Our team of experts stay up to date with the latest technologies and requirements to provide the most reliable and efficient services to selected clients.

  1. Security Consulting and Compliance

    Professional Consulting Services on Digital Security and Identity Authentication for the Financial and Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Mobile and Payment,  Electronics, and Software Industries.

    We can help you meet industry compliance and obtain certifications for PCI, Common Criteria, FIPS, NIST, EMV, ISO/IEC-27001, and many others.

  2. Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing

    We perform Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing on both hardware and software level.

  3. Project Management Services

    We provide Professional Project Management Services using PMI® Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)®

  4. Software Development Outsourcing

    Managed Software Development Services for:

    Electronic Devices (Embedded Firmware)

    Mobile Platforms (Android, iOS, and Blackbery)

    Desktop Applications (Windows, Linux, and Mac)

    Web Development (UX/UI and Server-Side)


  • Customized Security Solutions for:
Financial & Retail

Financial Services are evolving and users expect more personalized, convenient, and secure options to pay, communicate and interact with the banks and merchants. To meet their demands, we provide a range of solutions, utilizing the most advanced digital security and technology available.


Use the mobile channel to offer your clients a secure mobile environment. Our solutions will help you build a strong relationship between your brand and your customers.


Tokenization and encryption solutions for MPOS and mobile NFC payment.

Electronics & IoT

Embedded security solutions for electronic devices


Software Security Solutions


Coming soon.