About Us

As one of the leaders in digital security, our solutions range from payment to enterprise security and the internet of things.

Authenticating people, transactions and objects, encrypting data and creating value for our clients to deliver secure digital services.

Consultancy on Digital Security and Identity Authentication for the Financial and Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Mobile and Payment, Electronics, and Software Industries.

Managed outsourcing services for embedded, mobile and web software development. Electronics design and prototype production in small to medium production series


Develop and produce innovative products and services with more added value than currently available on the market.


Build and develop long term relationships based on honesty, integrity, honor, dignity and respect in every aspect.


Aspire to succeed and achieve the highest goals we can envision in everything we do, through Innovation, Learning and Agility.

MilestonesBrief History of the Company

01 September 2016

First Project Completed

First Successful Project Completed

01 May 2016

Strategic Partnership

Alfastack Ltd. and Nexlab Ltd. reach historic agreement on mutual coоperation

18 April 2016

Company established

Alfastack Ltd. is registered as a Limited Liability Company and listed on the Bulgarian  Commercial Register